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Why Does My Water Smell? Here is What it Means!

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Pouring a glass of water to drink and detecting an awful odor can be off-putting and uncomfortable for any homeowner. Not to mention the embarrassment that will loom if a guest at your home happens to notice the same smell.

While it is not necessary for you to panic, observing what kind of smell you notice is essential to determine the culprit. These odors typically do not go away on their own and can even worsen over time without the proper attention. Here are some familiar smells you might notice from the water in your home and what they might mean!

If Your Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

If you smell the stench of rotten eggs in your home, it may not be coming from your refrigerator but from your faucet. This distinctive smell likely indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. We know that hearing those words may cause some serious alarm, but this gas is typically not harmful unless someone in your home has an allergic reaction. The presence of hydrogen sulfide gas could be due to problems with your water heater or even the plumbing system.

If Your Water Smells Like Sewage

When food, waste, hair, or soap accumulate in your drains, it provides a playground for bacteria to thrive. This smell from your water can leave an unsettling feeling in your stomach. If your water smells like sewage, mold, or decaying food, it is likely due to bacteria built up in your pipes from decaying materials. To determine if the sewage smell is coming from the water itself or the drain, pour a glass of water, take it into the other room, and smell it. If you do not smell anything, the sewage smell can be coming from the drain and can indicate that you need a cleaning.

If Your Water Smells Like a Swimming Pool

Instead of bringing back the memories of summer camp, the smell of a swimming pool from your water can put you into a frenzy! The specific chemical that you are smelling is chlorine. You may be surprised to learn that the chlorine you smell is supposed to be there. Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant that water treatment plants add to the water supply to kill viruses and pathogens that would otherwise spread harmful illnesses. If you occasionally notice this smell coming from your water, your local water treatment plant may use different levels of chlorine throughout the year.

If Your Water Smells Like Metal

Your water may smell and taste metallic due to minerals like iron, copper, zinc, and other metallic minerals. This is especially common in groundwater since it must move through rocks and sediments before getting to the water supply. Another reason for this smell could be if your home has low pH levels, leaving a scent or taste typically described as metallic.

When your water smells bad, please pay attention to the warning signs or hope the issue solves itself. To diagnose the reasons and potential health concerns adequately, contact plumbing professionals. We will discover the problem at Michael’s Plumbing and create an action plan! Please schedule your appointment today online or give us a call at (407) 219-9772.

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