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At Michael’s Plumbing, our service technicians conduct routine maintenance on your plumbing so you can rest assured that your drains and sewers are working just the way they should.

Service man standing by Michael's Plumbing van

It is important to make sure that your pipes are in prime working order so you can prevent pipe leaks, cracks, and breaks that can be costly. Routine plumbing maintenance is the best way to catch problems upfront and avoid plumbing repairs.

At Michael’s Plumbing of Orlando and Central Florida, we encourage you to schedule a plumbing maintenance visit every year. If you wait until you have flooding, leaking pipes or a sump pump failure, it can lead to a more expensive plumbing repair service in the future.

If your home is 10 years old or older, plumbing maintenance becomes even more important. Older pipes require more frequent maintenance, as they are less resilient than new plumbing.

Some of the work that our service technicians do includes flush and fill service on your water heater. That helps to keep sediment, minerals, and dirt from building up on the bottom of your hot water tank. That buildup can lead to you having to replace your water heater sooner than you had planned. 

We also have ways of protecting your drinking water supply. We’ll come out and do an annual test of your home’s backflow preventer, which reduces the risk of contaminating your water supply. With over 10,000 reported cases of backflow contamination each year, you’ll want to make sure that your preventer is properly maintained.

Our service technicians also do routine plumbing maintenance so that you can rest easy knowing your drains and sewers are working properly. Because we use video camera pipe inspection to assess the condition of your pipes, we can determine first hand if your pipes are weak or damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida will work hard to save you money and maintain your existing piping. Please give us a call- we look forward to hearing from you.

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