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Prep Your Plumbing For the Holidays

Plumbing prep for holidays

Are you ready for the holidays? Your home’s plumbing system needs a little holiday love to prepare for the increased demands of visiting family members and extra activities. Your to-do list may include buying gifts and planning family gatherings, but what about your sinks and toilets? A clogged drain, or, heaven forbid, toilet, can ruin all your best-laid holiday plans. Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida can help you avoid a holiday plumbing catastrophe with a few essential pointers.

Attack the clogs

Have you noticed your shower should be draining better? Is there a funny smell coming from your kitchen sink? Clogged drains can quickly morph from a minor nuisance to a plumbing catastrophe. You can move things along with a DIY approach. Avoid caustic drain cleaners and use a drain snake to snag the clump of hair or grease. Is the water still draining slowly? Call in the pros at Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida. We’ll use a snake attached to a video camera to spot and clear the drain clog.

Clean your garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are convenient, especially when preparing a large meal with many ingredients. When was the last time you gave your garbage disposal a thorough cleaning? Even though the removal seems to work well, it may still harbor a collection of food remnants, bacteria, or mold beyond the rubber splash guard. Fortunately, most homeowners can handle the task by shining a flashlight down the disposal to check for debris. Follow up with baking soda and vinegar to keep your disposal smelling fresh. Or, you can grind up ice, salt, or even lemon peels to remove lingering smells.

Prepare to flush

Many toilet clogs begin because someone flushed something that shouldn’t have been. If you are lucky, you have convinced your family members to use a trash can for anything but toilet paper. But guests may not appreciate the importance of keeping things running, especially where many people use the facilities. Consider placing a trash can in a prominent area and posting a friendly note to remind them to watch what they’re flushing.

Watch your water heater

Your water heater may work fine when it’s just you and your family at home, but extra guests mean extra demand for hot water. You can turn up the water heater a few degrees before the company arrives. Have you been considering a new water heater? Now is the time to get ahead of holiday demands with an upgrade. Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida can help you decide if you need to replace your hot water or if you need to schedule a flush and fill maintenance call to remove sediment that can accumulate in the tank.

Let Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida handle the job

Pay attention to a little leak or a slow drain. Minor nuisances can become big problems quickly, and you don’t want to spoil your holiday gatherings with an overflowing drain or toilet. Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida can track down and fix problems before they create expensive damages. We have decades of experience solving problems just like yours. Call us at (407) 219-9772 to schedule a service call or reach out online. Your happy holidays start with Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida.

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