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Can heavy rains cause plumbing problems?

heavy rains and plumbing

It’s the rainy season in the Sunshine State. Between pop-up thunderstorms and tropical weather, Orlando residents will get wet in the summer. Did you know that heavy rains can also wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing, as pipes can become overloaded or clogged with debris? Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida is here for you when it’s raining cats and dogs. Reach out if you notice any problems during or after the deluge.

What happens to your plumbing after heavy rains

As the water soaks into Florida’s soil and sand, it becomes heavier, increasing pressure on the lines. The weight of the water can put a strain on your pipes. Your home’s pipes may even move if the ground around them becomes soft, which can lead to bending and cracking. Debris may also slip into the pipes via those cracks and other openings, causing significant problems. Watch out for these signs that something has gone awry:

Dirty, discolored water

You may be dealing with cracked pipes if you turn on your faucet and notice dirt in the water or discolored water after a storm. This calls for assistance from Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida.

Sewage backing up

Heavy rains can send debris and water into the municipal sewer system, which may become clogged and send excess water back into your home’s sewer lines. You may notice a foul smell coming from your drains, standing water around floor drains, or gurgling noises coming from your toilet. Water may also drain slowly, suggesting a problem.

Septic tank flooding

Too much water can cause flooding issues around your septic tank. This big, stinky problem needs professional intervention as soon as possible. You may be able to avoid this problem by making sure there’s good drainage around the septic tank. If your home has gutters, point the runoff away from the septic tank’s location.

What can you do to prevent problems?

While it’s still sunny outside, take an afternoon to clear away leaves, sticks, and other debris from your home and drain system. A drain guard may offer an additional layer of protection. Have you noticed that your home’s water is draining slowly? It’s always good to get a rain check! Don’t let a storm exacerbate the problem and cause expensive damages. Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida offers professional drain cleaning to locate common drain line problems like root infiltration, broken pipes, or blockages.

After the storm

If you’re noticing any problems after a storm, call Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida immediately at (407) 219-9772 to schedule an appointment online. We’ll be here for you, rain or shine. Let the plumbing experts at Michael’s Plumbing tackle the dirty work for you, so you’ll stay clean and your home will remain dry even after Florida’s signature storms.

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