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Are Flushable Wipes Safe to Use?

Can you use flushable wipes

You finally found the solution to your hygiene problems when you discovered flushable wipes. The label does say “flushable,” so they are safe to use, right? Well, not quite.

Here are a few reasons why the experts do not recommend flushable wipes! Although the marketing for this product claims that they are safe for your plumbing, this is certainly not the case. They can do as much damage as other products like paper towels and feminine hygiene products. Are you still unconvinced?

Flushable Wipes Do Not Break Down 

You might assume these wipes disintegrate once flushed down the toilet, but the opposite is true. These wipes are usually found entirely intact in drain pipes months after they are flushed. Their inability to completely break down increases the likelihood of them creating a massive buildup and clogging your drain lines. So, while these wipes may flush without any problem, they cause issues within your sewer system.

Flushable Wipes Can Damage Your Septic System

Even if your wipes get through the plumbing in your home, they can still create significant problems in your septic system. If your flushable wipes clog your septic tank, sewage can begin to flood your yard where the tank sits, which can potentially create health hazards. This is a major inconvenience, and a septic tank repair can also cause you thousands of dollars.

Flushable Wipes Are Harmful to Sewer Systems

Your plumbing and septic system is one of many things at risk regarding flushable wipes. These items are also terrible for larger sewer systems. You may not experience significant home damage directly, but flushable wipes can wreak havoc at local sewage treatment plants. If the sewage plant is not running smoothly, your area could experience water shortages and citywide plumbing problems. Of course, flushing one wipe down the toilet is not likely to cause major issues like these, but it can certainly contribute to the problem.

Flushable wipes are only one of many things that should never be flushed down your toilet. If you have been regularly flushing wipes, now is the time to change your habits before you have a bigger problem on your hands.

Remember, when in doubt, stick to regular toilet paper for flushing.

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