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What Happens When You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

An illustrated bottle of drain cleaner

If you’re one to pick up a chemical drain cleaner at your local retail store you may what to know the effects those chemicals have on the pipes and the environment, as well as the danger it poses to you and your family.

What’s really in that jug?

There are two types of drain cleaners: chemical and enzymatic. The most commonly used drain cleaner is the chemical drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners use sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid which are both very corrosive.

Enzymatic drain cleaners don’t work as quickly, but they are biodegradable, chemical free and environmentally friendly.

Can chemical drain cleaners harm ME?

The answer is yes. Chemical drain cleaners will instantly eat away at anything they touch. When mixed with different drain or household chemicals toxic gases and explosions can occur. It is wise to wear gloves and goggles when handling this product and always keep chemical cleaners away from children.

What happens when I use a chemical drain cleaner?

Chemical drain cleaners damage fixtures, iron pipes, copper, galvanized steel and PVC.  The materials in drain cleaners can eat pipes while they are clearing the organic materials.

What happens when I use enzymatic drain cleaner?

Enzymatic cleaners use a natural enzyme mixture to establish a colony that lives in the pipes and eats organic materials. This process is very natural and earth friendly. It usually takes at least one overnight application.

What can I do?

Try to avoid clogs in the first place.
• Don’t put fruit and vegetable peels or bones in the garbage disposal
• Don’t pour grease down the drain
• Put a hair trap in showers

Clogs happen. Here are a few alternatives to chemical drain cleaners that you can try:
• Try a plunger
• Try 16 ounces of baking soda and 16 ounces of vinegar. Mix and let sit overnight. If that doesn’t work call a plumber.
Call Michaels Plumbing for a clog of any size. It may cost a few more dollars than a bottle of drain cleaning chemicals but you don’t have to worry about damages and injuries. We can also make you aware if there’s a bigger problem than just a clog.

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