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The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaner

An illustrated bottle of drain cleaner

Is your sink clogged up again because you put coffee grounds, egg shells and your vegetables from dinner last night down the drain? Since it’s a food clog, it should be easy to take care of. So liquid drain cleaner should work, right?

Actually, no.

Liquid drain cleaners aren’t as magical as they look on those TV commercials. They usually tend to do more harm than good, to both your pipes and the air quality in your home. So to protect your family and pipes from harmful chemicals, here’s why you should never use liquid drain cleaners.

Drain cleaners can be toxic.
Commercial drain cleaners, especially cheap, off-brand ones, can be highly toxic. The fumes can irritate your eyes, nose and throat, and they stick around in the air for a long time. Just because the product has gone down the drain doesn’t mean the fumes are gone, so it will continue to cause more irritation, not to mention a nasty chemical smell.

Your pipes can be damaged by drain cleaners.
The chemicals in drain cleaners not only cause irritation for you, but they can wreak havoc on your pipes, too. The harsh chemicals, specifically hydrochloric acid, can erode the finish from your pipes, leading to extensive damage and expensive repairs.

Drain cleaners might not even work.        
If the clog is bigger than a few eggshells or coffee grounds stuck in the pipe, liquid drain cleaners won’t work. These cleaners also obviously won’t fix clogs that are caused by a sewer back up or broken pipes. If you suspect a clog, try using a plunger. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber.

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