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Ways to Conserve Water Around Your Home

Conserve water

If your faucets are leaking, you hear water continually running during nighttime routines, and your washer is running only half-full, your household could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water daily.

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Protect Your Health Through Your Home’s Plumbing

Health and Plumbing

March 11 is World Plumbing Day, a holiday our experts at Michael’s Plumbing like to celebrate. The World Plumbing Council recognizes it as a way to acknowledge the critical role plumbing plays in your everyday livelihood and health.

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Did You Know? Plumbing Trivia!

Plumbing Trivia

Our plumbing professionals take pride in their experience, knowledge, and passion we bring to every job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to trick them with some plumbing trivia. And you’ll be prepared for your next trivia night!

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