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Sweet Reasons for Repiping Your Home

Plumber Sink Leak

It’s heartbreaking every time you experience leaks in your plumbing and discolored water coming from your faucets. Every little issue seems to multiply, thus causing bigger, more expensive issues in your home’s plumbing.

The professionals at Michael’s Plumbing know that Central Florida’s water supply can be hard on residential pipes—even copper pipes can break down over time. Once homeowners start experiencing multiple issues with their plumbing, it’s time to talk to the experts about repiping your home.

Homeowners should look for the following signs that repiping might be needed in their home:

  • Frequent water leaks can be an indication that the pipes are worn. Copper water lines can become thin and brittle.
  • A decrease in water pressure, but an increase in your water bill can mean that water isn’t flowing through the pipes properly.
  • The temperature of the water fluctuates which might pinpoint the issue to your water heater.
  • Water that isn’t the clear, clean water you expect to flow from your kitchen sink can mean that rust or sediment has built up in your pipes. Water that is brown, red or yellow is not normal and can be harmful.
  • Sounds coming from your plumbing are not normal. If you hear rattling, gurgling, knocking or other unusual noises coming from your pipes, call Michael’s Plumbing at (407) 219-9772.

The lifespan of pipes can be anywhere from 25 to 80 years, but that doesn’t mean that your pipes can’t fail before the silver anniversary of your home’s build. Signs of failing pipes can sometimes be seen when it’s too late, and sometimes that means that more damage has been caused to your home than just damaged pipes.

Repiping your home can improve the value of your home because of the improved water pressure, decreased water costs and damage that is wiped clean. A major project such as repiping your home can be a scary undertaking, but it’s not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Costs can vary greatly, depending on the size of the home, the type of pipes, etc. We recommend homeowners look at a calculator for costs to install or replace plumbing pipes, hosted by 

Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover whole-home repiping; however, if you have any damage from corroded or failing pipes, that could be covered. That’s why it’s important to take preventative measures for the care of your home’s pipes and plan for the potential of repiping, especially if you know your home has copper or PVC piping. If you live in an older home and are not sure what type of pipes you have, give Michael’s Plumbing a call at (407) 219-9772, and our experts can come out and inspect your pipes for you.

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