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SOS! How Do I Locate My Sewer Line?

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Your sewer line is an essential part of your plumbing system. It has a very important job – removing wastewater from your home and “flushing” it away. It’s not something most homeowners think about unless of course, there is a problem. Unfortunately, your sewer line is vulnerable to clogs and breaks in the sewer line so it’s important to know how to locate it when a problem arises.

Start with the basics!

First, it’s good to know that all of your drains tie into one central drainpipe. This pipe either leads to the municipal sewer system or to your septic tank. If you can determine where the main drain exits your home this will help locate where your sewer line is placed.

Contact the previous homeowners

If you are able, the easiest way might be to contact the previous owners of your home. Most longtime owners have already had to learn where their sewer lines are located and can pass along that information. You may even be able to ask a neighbor, as it’s likely their home is plumbed the same as yours.

Check with the city

Your city government might have maps that can help locate underground utilities like sewer lines. Often, towns keep sewer lines or property maps that can be helpful. Identifying where your property lines are can help rule our areas in which your sewer line cannot be located.

Go with the flow

Knowing that all drains lead to one central pipe can help you locate the central pipe. You can do this by locating a pipe that you know is a drain (like a toilet or sink) and follow it until it ties into a larger pipe. Follow the larger pipe until it exits your basement or crawlspace. That drain leads to your sewer line.

When in doubt – call a plumber!

If the job is too big to handle, then calling an expert is your best choice. If you know you have a clog or a break in your line, calling a plumber to locate the sewer line and fix the problem is your best option.

Don’t find yourself in a stinky situation, know before an emergency arises where your sewer line is located. If you live in the Orlando area, Michael’s Plumbing is your local Central Florida plumbing experts. We can help with all of your plumbing repairs and emergencies. Give us a call at (407) 219-9772 or contact us online.

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