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Protect Your Drinking Water

The water entering your home from the main water line should flow in one direction only – into your home.  However, sometimes due to pressure changes in the pipes, water can actually flow backwards, seeping back into the main water supply.  When this occurs it’s called backflow, which is the unwanted water or mixture of liquids, gases and substances that enter into the distribution pipes of the potable water supply.

This backflow may come from other plumbing devices, pools or irrigation systems. The contaminants that often invade your water supply can cause diseases, serious illnesses and even death.

Your home’s plumbing system has a backflow prevention device, a mechanical check valve that prevents your water supply from becoming contaminated.  Backflow prevention systems are devices installed onto a pipe that only allow water to flow in one direction, preventing contaminated water and ensuring your tap water is safe and clean. These devices are crucial to your family’s health!

At Michael’s Plumbing in Orlando, we specialize in testing, repairing and replacing all brands and models of backflow equipment. Our backflow specialists are trained and certified in the testing and repair of all sizes and brands of backflow equipment. We are also up to date on all the latest developments to help ensure your water supply is safe from backflow contamination.

Give Michael’s Plumbing a call for one of our highly trained professionals to replace, repair, or install backflow devices.

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