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Backflow Testing & Prevention

A service man holding testing tools

Protect your Family’s Drinking Water Supply with Annual Backflow Testing in your Orlando Home.

There are over 10,000 reported cases of backflow contamination each year: some of them fatal.

A backflow preventer reduces this risk of contamination to your home’s water supply. These devices are required to be tested each year by a certified backflow tester.

No one helps protect your drinking water supply more than Michael’s Plumbing of Orlando. We specialize in testing, repairing and replacing all brands and models of backflow equipment.

Our backflow specialists are trained and certified in the testing and repair of all sizes and brands of backflow equipment. We are also up to date on all the latest developments to help ensure your water supply is safe from backflow contamination. 

Give Michael’s Plumbing a call for one of our highly trained professionals to replace, repair, or install backflow devices.

Call Today or Schedule a Backflow Testing Specialist for your Orlando Home.

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