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How to Save Water…And Save Money!

A running faucet in a kitchen

Limit Those Sprinklers

Yes, it’s still hot outside, and your lawn needs water too. But you can be smart about your sprinkler use!

For example, are your sprinklers aimed exactly right, or are they spraying on the sidewalk? There’s no point in watering that, right? Also, pay attention to the weather report so you don’t end up watering your lawn before it’s going to rain anyway. You could also invest in the type of sprinkler timer that detects when your grass actually needs to be watered. This is an expensive option and you’ll probably never recoup the savings (about $15/year), but the planet will thank you for the 10,000 gallons you’re not conserving every year!

Use the Dishwasher (Bet You Weren’t Expecting to Hear That!)

Yes, it turns out, using the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand saves you almost 30 gallons per load of dishes.

Another way to save money on water inside the house is, of course, to take shorter showers and less baths. (Baths waste three times the amount of water that showers do, on average!)

The last thing you can do to save water — and money — is install new plumbing! 

It turns out, you’re literally flushing money down the toilet if you have an old toilet. Most toilets manufactured in the 80s or before use 5 or even 7 gallons per flush, while modern high-efficiency toilets use 2 gallons, or even less! This would likely save you between $50 – $100 per year, so (unlike the smart sprinkler timer) you’ll end up making your money back!

Another fixture we recommend upgrading is your leaky faucet. You should also consider getting a faucet aerator installed, which cuts water flow in half in order to save you $$$. I mean, come on, nobody really needs the water pressure that high in their sink anyway, right?

Collaborate with the Community

Even though here in Central Florida we don’t suffer droughts the way California does, there are patches of Florida that are classified as a moderate drought area, according to

You may have heard the government calling on people to please restrict their water as much as possible, as a community effort.

Sure, it’s great to know how to save water so you can save money, but also, we can all do our part to help save the environment.

 If you have high-efficiency fixtures, a high-efficiency lifestyle, and overall are a “waste-not, want-not” water user…Then, you are doing your part for our “big neighborhood” of Central Florida…!

Call in the Expert Plumbers in Orlando

Many of these changes are changes you can make yourself. However, when it comes to installing fixtures, detecting leaks, repiping, or doing regularly scheduled maintenance in your Orlando area home, you can count on the pros at Michael’s Plumbing!

We’ll give you a high-efficiency home, and we guarantee that in the long run, there will be more money back in your pocket! Contact us or call (407) 219-9772 to learn more.

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