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How to prevent backflow contamination

backflow issues

You may take it for granted that your Orlando area drinking water is safe and free from contamination. Ideally, the water that enters your home flows in one direction, bringing clean water to you and your family. But, if your home’s plumbing system allows dirty water to flow backward, you risk invading the water supply with chemicals and bacteria that can cause illness or death. This is known as backflow contamination, and it is an important consideration for all homeowners. Fortunately, Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida can help ensure your home is not contributing to a contaminated water supply.

How does backflow occur?

When water enters your home from a city water supply or a well, it should only flow in one direction. But there are also common points in your home where your water supply connects with your home’s non-potable water supply – for instance, your dishwater or washing machine. If something disrupts water flow to your home, the contaminated water may flow in the opposite direction, sending chemicals, waste, and other pollutants back to the water supply. This is known as backflow.

What causes backflow?

 Pressure changes can disrupt the normal flow of water and cause backflow. For instance, if your city experiences a water main break or a nearby fire hydrant is used, the water may no longer be pushed in the proper direction. Backflow may also occur when there is a vacuum or pressure drop in the main water supply.

How can we prevent backflow?

Fit your home’s plumbing system with backflow equipment utilizing a special valve that keeps water from flowing backward. Regular annual backflow testing can protect your family’s drinking water supply. Other backflow preventers may use a regulated amount of air in the pipes to prevent backflow. However, these systems must be operating correctly to be efficient.

Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida has trained technicians to check your backflow preventer for any issues. We are trained in testing, repairing, and replacing all brands and models of backflow equipment. If you are concerned about backflow or have not had your backflow preventer system checked by a professional, reach out to Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida. We’ll ensure your backflow preventer is working correctly and discuss any necessary repairs or replacements. Call Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida at (407) 219-9772 to schedule an appointment now.

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