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How Hard Water Impacts Your Home's Pipes

Hard water issues

There’s nothing easy about hard water. It has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium, and these minerals can interfere with cleaning and leave behind a white residue. They may also build up within your home’s pipes, causing clogs, corrosion, or reduced water quality.

Hard water tends to be common in the Sunshine State, where the aquifer contains those dissolved minerals that cause so many issues. Fortunately, Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida can soften the blow (and the water) with a water-conditioning process designed to keep your water softer and your home’s plumbing system cleaner. Do you need more convincing? Read on to see what happens when you allow hard water to flow through your pipes.

Hard water clogs your pipes

Have you noticed a chalky white substance on your taps, bathroom tiles, or toilet bowls? That substance is called limescale; basically, the calcium and magnesium are left behind after the water evaporates. Now, imagine that same limescale building up inside your pipes. It isn’t wiped clean easily; instead, it builds up until you see hard, often crusty, formations around your fixtures. In some cases, it may even look red or rusty. This buildup can lead to clogged pipes.

Hard water hinders water flow

As hard water deposits continue to attach themselves to the sides of the pipe, your home’s water flow becomes impeded. Does your bathtub take forever to drain? Are you running around in a circle under a weakening stream of water when you shower? That’s limescale buildup in the pipes.

Hard water can damage your pipes

If buildup isn’t bad enough, the minerals in hard water react with the metal of your pipes, especially in older homes. The metal can break down, leaving the pipes vulnerable to cracks or breaks that require repair or replacement. You may notice water leaks in your home. Your water may become yellow or brown as pipes decay. Hard water can also damage your water heater tank, sometimes voiding the warranty. It may gradually erode the inner workings of appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine, shortening their lifespan and costing you extra money.

Hard water reduces water quality

Hard water is safe to drink, but you’ll notice a strange taste or texture. It also interferes with soaps and detergents. Your clothes may become dingier. Your dishes may have a residue that does not quickly rinse away.

Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida offers a treatment known as water conditioning, which is simply the process of removing or altering minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants from a water source. Our trained professional plumbers will remove the buildup within your home’s pipes and ensure your water is flowing freely throughout your plumbing system. Call Michael’s Plumbing of Central Florida now at (407) 219-9772 to schedule an appointment, or contact us online.

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