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Five Benefits to High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Cleaning drain with high pressure

Clogged drains are no fun, and they add stress to your day and can indicate something much bigger deeper within your plumbing system. You’ve been told to avoid chemical drain cleaners, but the sound of “high-pressure drain cleaning” scares you more. Is it safe? That’s the perfect question for Orlando’s plumbing experts, Michael’s Plumbing.

What Is High-Pressure Drain Cleaning?

High-pressure drain cleaning uses the power of water to clean out any clogs, potential smaller tree roots, and more from your plumbing’s clogged pipes. Experts use a jet nozzle attached to a flexible line that can pass through drain elbows, and any twists your home’s plumbing might have, all while being able to handle several thousand PSI. Due to the sheer power of the jet spray, it’s highly recommended that only a trained professional performs this task.

1. The water is pressurized to such a high degree that it busts through debris and sludge, emulsify grease, batters hardened scale, and can even take care of minor tree roots. (Larger, more mature tree roots require a commercial hydrojetter.)

2. Using high-pressure drain cleaning is also environmentally safe since you avoid any dangerous or toxic chemicals that can be flushed into waterways. Restaurants and office buildings will use this method because of the strength and ease of the procedure.

3. While the term “high pressure” seems like the power can quickly erode the strength of the plumbing in your home, this is only a concern if you have an older home with older pipes made from ceramic, clay, or wood composite. Our plumbers can perform a drain camera inspection before using the high-pressure system to ensure that the integrity of the pipes is in strong enough condition that there will not be any compromise.

4. Routine drain cleaning helps to eliminate pesky odors that live in your pipes, thanks to clogs made of food, hair, oils, and more. Clogs within your lines can start to grow bacteria in the pipes, making for a not-so-healthy situation with your drains. High-pressure drain cleaning clears all that gunk away, leaving fresher air in your kitchen and bathrooms.

5. It’s also important to note that using this method should be done regularly. Doing so will maintain cost-effectiveness because it allows for a freer flow of water to and from your home and being part of a thorough inspection to check for any concerns with the integrity of the drain lines. Investing in routine high-pressure drainage cleaning saves you money on major repairs down the road.

Contact Michael’s Plumbing by setting up an appointment online or calling (407) 219-9772 to have Central Florida’s best plumbers explain the benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning for your family’s home.

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