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Don’t Put Thanksgiving Foods Down Your Disposal

Man working on kitchen fawcet

When it comes to delicious food, Thanksgiving certainly delivers!  While you’re cooking all of this delicious food, however, be careful what you put down the kitchen drain. Not only the volume but the type of food can lead to problems with your disposal or clog your pipes.  Having your sink back up and needing to call a plumber is not how anyone wants to spend the holidays! 

Save your garbage disposal this holiday season. Here are some foods you want to avoid putting down the drain:

  • Carrot peels
  • Potato skins
  • Stringy or fibrous foods (corn husks, celery, onion peels, garlic, asparagus)
  • Pasta or rice
  • Coffee grinds
  • Large amounts of flour
  • Eggshells
  • Grease, fat, and oil
  • Bones
  • Chicken skin
  • Raw meat
  • Meat with gristle 

In general, avoid anything that’s greasy, starchy, stringy or bulky these items can damage your disposal or clog your plumbing pipes.  It’s best to stick with throwing waste in the trash just to be safe.  If you do have a problem, give us a call at Michael’s Plumbing, we’ve had decades of experience and will fix your problem right away.  You can contact us online or call our plumbing emergency number- (407) 219-9772.  Happy Holidays!

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