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DIY Plumbing Projects Gone Wrong

DIY Plumbing Disasters

It may be like watching an episode of “Home Improvement,” and Tim Taylor has once again caused some sort of do-it-yourself (DIY) catastrophe. Sometimes homeowners try to avoid paying a company to perform a task they feel they can do after watching an instructional video, but what happens when that project goes awry?

The professionals at Michael’s Plumbing are used to hearing frustrating phone calls when someone needs to fix what was supposed to have been fixed “easily.” That’s why Orlando calls their most trusted advisor! Below, we share some of the more common blunders.

Puzzle Pieces

One of the biggest DIY blunders is when you’ve taken apart a toilet, pipes, or whatever…and you just can’t remember how everything goes back together. Pipes and parts sprawled all over your floor can suddenly become overwhelming but beware of putting things together that you’re not sure are correct. Forgetting a seal or putting the wrong parts together can cause damaging leaks. If you do not have instructions, take photos of the original setup before you take it apart.

The First Step is Most Important

Before you loosened that faucet, did you remember to turn off the water? This is the most common DIY mistake, even though it’s the most basic first step. Not knowing where to find and forgetting to turn off the main water valve can make a large mess of your home, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage—definitely not worth the hassle the DIY project was intended to save. Set a reminder on your phone before starting any plumbing project to locate and turn off the main water valve. Next, make sure the pipes are completely drained before attempting to disassemble them. You can do this by running the kitchen or bathroom faucets for a short time to drain any remaining water and to check that the main valve has been properly turned off.

Drain Cleaner is Not Your Friend

Minor clogs could potentially be an easy DIY project, but using the wrong kind of drain cleaner, or too much can be a recipe for disaster. Drain cleaners made of harsh chemicals can damage your pipes and fixtures over time, even causing build-up around those clogs you’re supposed to be removing. If you’re experiencing constant clogs, call Michael’s Plumbing for a professional evaluation of the problem and chemical-free cleaning, saving yourself from having to replace those pipes in the long run.

Too Tight is Not Good

You understand that leakage can be damaging and expensive. You also realize that to prevent those leaks, pipes, and fixtures should fit snugly. However, there is the possibility of something being too tight. Over-tightening your plumbing connections does not increase the probability of those connections being water-tight. This can damage those new fittings you just replaced. Rubber or plastic washers can easily be damaged with too much tightening, and pipe threads can be stripped. Once the connection is snug, stop.

Don’t let these easy projects cause headaches and pain in the wallet. An essential rule of thumb is if you have any apprehension over handling a project, get in touch with Orlando’s leading plumbing experts at Michael’s Plumbing by calling (407) 219-9772. Let us save you a headache, heartache, and potential backache!

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