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Common Problems with your Water Heater & How to Handle Them

Water Heater problems

Your water heater is one of the most vital parts of your home, and it can also be one of the biggest troublemakers. The best way to combat any issue is to be prepared, and your Central Florida plumbing experts, Michael’s Plumbing, is here to help you with the most common problems and tips on how you can handle them yourself.

1. Leaking

You see standing water surrounding your water heater. After mopping it up with towels, the water returns. Your water heater is leaking. There are three possible locations/causes of the leaks:

            Loose Connections: These are a simple fix, requiring a wrench and some elbow grease to tighten the connections. Just be cautious not to overtighten the nuts and bolts because you could cause them to break.

            Valves: Your valves may be getting old, so it’s time to replace them if you find leaks coming from there.

            Tank: You’ve tightened the connections and checked your valves, and there’s still a leak? Unfortunately, this means your water heater tank may be corroded. Corroded tanks require a phone call to Michael’s Plumbing to discuss replacing the tank completely.

2. No Hot Water

This might be one of the most complicated common problems. The first question to ask yourself: Is your water heater electric or gas-powered?

Electric Heater: The most obvious reason for no hot water with an electric heater is that the unit isn’t receiving any power. The first step is to check the circuit breaker—it could be tripped, or a fuse is blown, and both are easy fixes. If that seems fine, the second step should be to check the high-temperature cutoff by opening the panel on the unit and press the red RESET button. If the water still isn’t heating up, test the heating element—if it’s faulty, you’ll need to replace it. Still no luck? It’s time to call Michael’s Plumbing.

Gas Heater: Is the gas valve open? If not, open the valve. If that isn’t the issue, there may be a problem with the pilot light, not lighting (or staying lit), or the burner going out. These could be cases where you have a bad gas valve, an issue with the thermocouple, or a blocked vent.

3. Noises from the Tank

Your water heater tank generally should operate quietly and not interrupt the day-to-day. Most times, when noises are coming from the tank, there is build-up on the heating elements and in the tank. As the heater starts to function, it causes popping, banging, or rumbling noises. This can be mended by draining the water tank and cleaning or descaling it. If this sounds like too big of a project for you, contact Michael’s Plumbing to discuss the maintenance of your water heater.

4. Dirty or Smelly Water

The whole point of bathing in hot water is to feel clean, so water that comes out of the faucets full of dirt or rust or with a disgusting smell is terrible news. This means there is corrosion inside your water tank, and it’s time for a replacement.

Contact Orlando’s plumbing experts at Michael’s (at (407) 219-9772) to discuss your water heater and any issues you’re having in your home. Don’t waste another minute with a faulty water heater.

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