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Buyer Beware! The Dangers of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

A slow draining sink or a stopped-up kitchen basin can lead any frustrated homeowner to the home improvement center searching for a chemical drain cleaner. These products promise a quick and easy fix so it’s understandable why homeowners look to them when problems arise. Unfortunately, these products also have hazards associated with them.

Chemical drain cleaners are toxic and can be harmful when children and/or pets are in your home. No matter how careful you are there still exists the potential danger of exposing your kids or pets to toxic materials. The best way to avoid this is to keep any type of chemical-based drain cleaner out of your home.

Another issue with chemical cleaners is their negative impact on the environment. Most of these chemical drain cleaners contain bleach or similar chemicals. While these chemicals go through a water treatment process, they may eventually end up in the groundwater or soils leading to contamination. Additionally, any unused drain cleaners should be treated as hazardous waste since any left in bottles could make its way into landfills and enter waterways.

Lastly, while using these chemical drain products to clear a drain you may actually be causing greater damage to the pipes in your home. If your home has older pipes made of copper or similar material, the oxidizing agents in the cleaners can cause the pipes to degrade. In plastic pipes, the chemical drain cleaners cause damage by creating heat. The heat can warp or melt the pipe, leading to leaks. In this situation, the cure will only create more problems. Homeowners can do better by using homemade products or professional tools to clean their drains.

Chemical drain cleaners are toxic by nature and although a quick fix to a slow or clogged drain, they may lead to long-term damage to your pipes or cause harm to your family, pets, or the environment. Michael’s Plumbing is your Orlando plumbing expert and can help with all of your clogs and drain issues. Give us a call at (407) 219-9772 or contact us online.

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