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5 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down The Drain

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We all are guilty of putting food items down the garbage disposal rather than taking the time to dispose of them in the trash. That’s what it for, right? And, it’s easier, so why not? Unfortunately, what may seem easier and more convenient at the time can come back to haunt you, resulting in a clogged drain or costly damage to your disposal. We’ve provided you a list of five things you should not put down the drain.

  1. Starchy foods can cause the biggest problems in your drain when large quantities go down the disposal. Foods like pasta, potato peels, and rice turn to sticky goop inside your drain. Instead, scrape any of these items off your plate directly into the trash can. 
  2. Cooking fats go down the drain as a liquid but will congeal like candle wax and gradually decrease the diameter of your drainpipe until the flow eventually stops altogether. Instead, use a can to pour off oil before washing your pan. Of course, some fat is bound to make it down the drain. To keep if from building up, run hot water down the drain for a minute, followed by a few squirts of grease-cutting dish soap like Dawn, and then, run the water for one more minute.
  3. Eggshells and coffee grounds take a lot of water to wash down and push through your drainage system which can easily cause a clog deep in your pipes. Instead, dispose of eggshells and coffee grounds directly into the trash.
  4. Fibrous foods, specifically vegetables, like celery and carrot peels, can overwhelm and clog your disposal. It’s also best to dispose of these directly into the trash.
  5. Seeds, no matter what size, can be a problem. Large seeds will bounce around like a rock beating up the inside of your disposal. Smaller seeds, like flax seeds, will get stuck in the curves and the pipes and cause backups. 

Being aware and careful of what you are putting down your drain will go a long way in keeping your pipes clean and maintenance to a minimum. If you do have a clog or need your drain cleaned, give Michael’s Plumbing a call (407) 219-9772 or contact us online.  We’ll ensure that a minor clog will not lead to a major problem.

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