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Common (but Fixable) Problems Found During a Home Inspection

man doing inspection

You’ve sold your house and signed the deal. Next step, the home inspection. Being aware of some of the common issues, including plumbing, found during an inspection allows homeowners to stay a step ahead by fixing them and helping reduce the pressure of this stressful process.

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WARNING: Do Not Flush Wipes Down Your Toilet!

Do Not Flush Wipes

Who could have predicted that toilet paper would have been the perfect gift this past holiday season?! We are definitely living in unusual times and as professional plumbers, we’ve seen some strange things lately.

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To Our Customers: We are in full production during this time; our schedule has not changed. We will keep you updated of any changes we may have. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by COVID-19. As our own community and around the world are struggling with Coronavirus, we are closely monitoring updates…

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Top 10 Benefits of Becoming A Plumber

Torso of a plumber wearing overalls and a tool belt

There are many excellent reasons for becoming a plumber, most importantly the need for skilled workers is higher now than it’s ever been. As the baby boomer generation is retiring there are not enough young people to fill the positions that are left behind. In fact, “America is facing an unprecedented skilled labor shortage, according…

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