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Sewer Jetting: What it is and how it works

Sewer jetting

If you think about what goes down your household drains, as well as the drains in your residential streets, it can get pretty gross down there. Learn more about our sewer jetting service from Michael’s Plumbing.

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DIY Plumbing Projects Gone Wrong

DIY Plumbing Disasters

It may be like watching an episode of “Home Improvement,” and Tim Taylor has once again caused some sort of do-it-yourself (DIY) catastrophe. Sometimes homeowners try to avoid paying a company to perform a task they feel they can do after watching an instructional video, but what happens when that project goes awry?

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Plumbing 911

Plumbing 911

It never fails. It’s the weekend, you’re hosting family and friends, and there’s a leak in your home. You know you need to call Orlando’s experts at Michael’s Plumbing, but you need a temporary fix, or at least to know what to do now. So, what can you do until a plumber arrives?

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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Home Prep

Unfortunately, hurricane season is a part of life for Floridians, and we know that massive storms can devastate your home and your family. While you can’t prevent a hurricane from hitting the area, you can prepare your home to handle the strain of the strong winds and flooding that typically comes with a hurricane.

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Celebrate Earth Day and “Go Green” with these Plumbing Tips

Earth Day2021

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 as a day to inspire the environmental movement and drive positive action for planet Earth. It’s a day to “Go Green” and be proactive and not reactive to the damage pollution and overuse can do to our planet. Michael’s Plumbing understands the importance of creating energy efficiency, thus saving you money.

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Q & A: Common Plumbing Questions, Not-So-Common Answers

Plumbing Q&A

School taught us that there are no stupid questions. Google taught us that we can easily look up answers to those questions. However, we’re going to help you out by sharing some of the most common questions our employees at Michael’s Plumbing hear daily.

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Protect Your Health Through Your Home’s Plumbing

Health and Plumbing

March 11 is World Plumbing Day, a holiday our experts at Michael’s Plumbing like to celebrate. The World Plumbing Council recognizes it as a way to acknowledge the critical role plumbing plays in your everyday livelihood and health.

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Did You Know? Plumbing Trivia!

Plumbing Trivia

Our plumbing professionals take pride in their experience, knowledge, and passion we bring to every job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to trick them with some plumbing trivia. And you’ll be prepared for your next trivia night!

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